I have a new flat bed scanner, so if you want to send me a picture of your bike I'll scan it and post it for you. Send photographs to:
Ron Sutton
812 Brown St.
Alton, IL 62002
If you would like your photo returned include a self address stamped envelope.
You can also e-mail photo's to ron_sutton@yahoo.com
An Ice Racing Rokon from Dave Richards 
Two before and to after pictures of Mike Murphy's MXII.
Before Left Side
Before Right Side
After Left Side
After Right Side

A couple pictures from Spencer Gaydon of his 1974 Rokon MX340 Cobra:
Left side
Right side

Some pictures from Wes Baker:
A new 1975 RT 340 Brand new RT from Jim&Jim's. They never sold this bike. Never even started it. Rolled it in and out of dealership for 10 years, racked up 4 miles just rolling it in and out each day. Wes traded it to Rick Doughtey for an Ossa Phantom and traded the Phantom for a Ossa 350 MAR (new 1975) the same day. Rick has this for sale now for $3500.00
Another view of the new RT 340
Left side of a FT 1001 Cobra Flat Tracker First bike produced. Sold to Jim&Jim's in Sonoma. His son rode it twice in short track, won the first race and crashed in the second race. Wes got it and sold it to Jim Hosking. The rear brake was converted to a low mount by Jim's son.
Right side of FT 1001
Rokon Wes with 1/2 of Team Shiftless at Sand Hill National
Rokon Rocket Rodger on 54x at Sand Hill National +30
Rokon Rocket Rodger on 54x starting line, applying torque with front brake locked, at Sand Hill National
Rokon Wes on 54x at Sand Hill National 500 Sportsman
Rokon Wes on 54x Holes Shot at Fenmely MX 500 Sportsman
Rokon Wes on 54x Hole Shot at Eugene National ran 1&2 for a 1st overall 500 Sportsman
Rokon Jason on 26v Holister National passing Kay Mann, 500cc Sportsman. Jay was 15 yrs old
Three Rokons of Team Shiftless
Rokon Joe on 54x, inside line, at Fenmely MX, West Coast AHRMA +30
Rokon Joe off the line on 22 at Sand Hill
Rokon Robin on 44y getting ready at Sand Hill National 500cc Sportsman