Rokon Owners Registry

This page will contain e-mail address of Rokon owners. I'll start it off.

Ron Sutton
1974 RT 340 serial number RT340-182
1974 MX 340 'Cobra' serial number MX340C31
1975 MX 340 serial number MX340
1976 RT 340 II serial number
1977 GMR serial number GMR1007

Scott Sparks
1974 RT340 serial no. RT340-1536

Spencer Gaydon
Lubbock, TX
1974 MX 340 'Cobra' serial number MX340C69
1974 Rokon MX340 serial number MX340129
1974 Rokon RT340 serial number RT340943
1974 Rokon RT340 serial number RT3401192

Sacramento, CA
MX 340

Wes Baker
331 Longridge Drive
Vallejo, CA. 94591
4 or 5 RT340s some the first models, yellow glass tank and mag wheels, some later with lay down shocks, crome molly frames.

Bradley Conway
76 RT340 II serial no.2099

Jack Coulson
Elk Grove,CA
1974 RT340 believe the number is RT340-120.

Dave Beck
Santa Fe, New Mexico or
1976 RT340 which has been road raced, motorcrossed, ice raced, Grand Prix'ed, and street ridden.

Bret G. Thiele
Saint Paul, MN
1975 RT 340 serial no. RT3401570

Brian Borshoff
PO Box 104,
Carmel, IN 46082
RTII serial no. 2149

Jim Hollander
Plainfield, NH

1.  RT-II-2084
2.  RT-II-2153 (ISDT-Austria 1976 Gold Medal)
3.  RT-II-2160
4.  RX500-DD01 (Prototype, never in production)
5.  340 without frame number, perhaps assembled from auction parts?

John Donnell, Sr.
810 E. Adams
Washington, IL   61571
RTII-340 ser#2069

Marc Dodge
1973, S/N 340-94, bought from Max Wibberly Motorcycles, Canterbury, CT

Michael Cosbar
Skaneateles, NY
1974 Rokon prototype Serial # RT308  Sachs KM 24 rotary motor

Dave Vieaux
Griswold, CT
RT340 1012            Jan 18, 74
RT340S1425           Jun 18,74
RT340S1501           Aug 14,74

Brian Taylor
Windsor Ontario Canada
1975 RT 340 serial #2328 production date Aug 19 1975
1975 RT340 serial # 2326 production date Aug 19 1975  ( six day ridden
isdt75 )