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John Penton on the cover of Cycle World at the 1962 ISDT held in West Germany.  Click on the picture for closer view.

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8th Annual Leroy Winters Memorial ISDT Reunion Ride

Oct 22 - 24, 2004 - Zink Ranch - Tulsa, Oklahoma USA goes International, well at least North American.

Thanks to the efforts of Helmut "Speedy" Clasen, I have included Canadian riders on the web page.  So, this page is now about American and Canadian efforts in the ISDT up to 1981 when the name was changed to International Six Days Enduro (ISDE).  1980 is a bit new for my tastes, but the name change makes a good place to stop.  Hey, I'm an old guy who like old bikes.  I've started with 1949 because that was the first year an American (Tommy McDermott) won a Gold Medal in ISDT.

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Let's get started.  Here is a list of the countries that hosted the ISDT by year and the winning Trophy and Vase Teams.  Click on the year for more details.
Year Host Venue Trophy Vase
1949 Great Britain Llandrindod Wells Great Britain Czechoslovakia
1950 Great Britain Llandrindod Wells Great Britain Great Britain
1951 Italy San Remo Great Britain Holland
1952 Austria Bad Aussee Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
1953 Czechoslovakia Gottwaldov Great Britain Czechoslovakia
1954 Great Britain Llandrindod Wells Czechoslovakia Holland
1955 Czechoslovakia Gottwaldov West Germany Czechoslovakia
1956 West Germany Garmisch-Partenkirchen Czechoslovakia Holland
1957 Czechoslovakia Spindleruv Mlyn East Germany Czechoslovakia
1958 West Germany Garmisch-Partenkirchen Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
1959 Czechoslovakia Gottwaldov Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
1960 Austria Bad Aussee Austria Italy
1961 Great Britain Llandrindod Wells West Germany Czechoslovakia
1962 West Germany Garmisch-Partenkirchen Czechoslovakia West Germany
1963 Czechoslovakia Spindleruv Mlyn East Germany Italy
1964 East Germany Erfurt East Germany East Germany
1965 Great Britain Isle of Man East Germany East Germany
1966 Sweden Villingsberg East Germany West Germany
1967 Poland Zakopane East Germany Czechoslovakia
1968 Italy San Pellegrino West Germany Italy
1969 West Germany Garmisch-Partenkirchen East Germany West Germany
1970 Spain El Escorial Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
1971 Great Britain Isle of Man Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
1972 Czechoslovakia Spindleruv Mlyn Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
1973 United States Dalton Massachusetts Czechoslovakia United States
1974 Italy Camerino Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
1975 Great Britain Isle of Man West Germany Italy
1976 Austria Zeltweg West Germany Czechoslovakia
1977 Czechoslovakia Povazska Bystrica Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
1978 Sweden High Chaparral Czechoslovakia Italy
1979 West Germany Lager Stegskopf Italy Czechoslovakia
1980 France Brioude Italy West Germany

Latest Updates 11-1-03
Here's some stuff that's been added recently.  Since this page is a work in progress you might want to check this section occasionally to see what new.

Complete results for the 1975 page T-shirts are now available

More information added to the 1973 page.

Canadian Rider has been added up to 1973.  More to come.

Complete result of the 1971 ISDT.

12 time ISDT/E rider Dick Burleson.

Rider information for 1976, 1978 and 1979 thanks to the efforts of Alfred Kirkland.  Thanks Alfred!

ISDT Pioneers Bud Ekins and Walt Axthelm

5 time ISDT rider Bobby Pearce page added.  Robert, as he is now likes to be called, relates some interesting ISDT/E stories.

Who were the first riders to represent the U.S. as a Silver Vase Team and when?  You might be surprised.