Robert "Bobby" Pearce

1977...Czechoslovakia...125 Can-Am...Retired
1979...West Germany...125 Kawasaki...Retired...Club Team
1980...France...125 Can-Am...Retired
1982...Czechoslovakia...500 KTM 4/Stoke...Club Teams...Retired
1985...Spain...506 Can-Am Sonic...Bronze

I was talking with my wife and kids the other night and they said I should tell you my story of the first time I went to the Six Day in Czecho (77). I of course was so pumped because it was my first time to should I say the big dance that I was probably riding a bit over my head.  On the first day of the second loop while make tracks down a fairly wide open trail I hit a rock dead center with my Can-Am 125 front wheel. For some reason the sun was very high in the sky and I was having a hard time seeing the trail.  Needless to say the rock won the war and I was thrown over the bars. The next thing that I know is that I was lying in an ambulance looking up at a doctor, I think. So on to the hospital I go. In the emergency room then gave me no medication at all and proceeded to fix my separated shoulder. The way they did it was something I hope no one has to undergo. While being strapped to the table the doctor put his foot in my armpit and pulled on my arm until it was in the position it was suppose to be in, I think. Then they took three inch tape and ran it form my chest over my shoulder and down my back.  Put my arm in a sling and gave me a ride back to the dorm room that we were staying at.  That's all I can remember from that Six Day, I don't know maybe it was a real bad dream ?

82 which was Czecho for my second time I was having a fun time riding. The course was the same as what it was in 77. Even the monster hill on day one! On the first day I had 6 flat tires. Boy what an adventure that was. You had to finish on the same tire that you began on and I had a 3" gash in the side of my tire that keep pinching the tube. I used my gloves, duck tape and who knows what else to put inside the tire to try to keep it from pinching the tube. I was even borrowing tubes and air bottles from other riders. Finally I finished the first day and replaced the tire.  The fourth day was the down fall for my KTM. The
bolt that holds the timing belt on cam loose and then feel off.  The belt was destroyed but the worse part was that the timing gear was also destroyed.

85 was Spain and it would be the first Six Day that I finished and the last of which I would ride. I finished on Bronze but thoroughly enjoyed every mile that I road. I still think that Czecho was the toughest of events that I every road but Spain was no walk in the Park.