48th International Six Days Trial
Dalton, Massachusetts, USA
Trophy winner: Czechoslovakia,  Vase Winner - United States.
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U.S. Riders         Canadian Riders

Results of 1973 ISDT Qualifiers

The U.S. rider results were provided by Jeff DeBell
Class-Individual Results
Team Results
Interesting side note

50cc class:  No US riders

75cc class:  No US riders

100cc class:  16 total riders
5th  Bill Uhl(30)  Penton  Gold medal
9th  Dane Leimbach(20)  Penton  Gold medal

125cc class:  71 total riders
17th  Joe Barker(34)  Penton  Gold
20th  Stellan Tingstrom (75) Monark  Gold
21st  Doug Wilford (67) Penton  Gold
23rd  Paul Danik (81) Penton Gold
30th  Tom Penton(57)  Penton  Silver
54th  Jim Hollander (98) Penton  Retired
57th  Les Grable(107)  Dalesman  Retired

175cc class:  54 riders
19th  Bren Moran(55)  Puch  Silver
20th  Dick Burleson(125)  Husqvarna  Silver
29th  Jeff Penton(112)  Penton  Bronze
35th  Jim Sparkes(119)  Puch  Retired
46th  Tom Clark(141)  Puch  Retired

250cc class:  67 riders
8th  Carl Cranke(189)  Penton  Gold
13th  Malcolm Smith(168)  Husqvarna  Gold
17th  Charlie Vincent(185)  Ossa Gold
22nd  Don Cutler (209) Ossa  Silver
27th  Dave Latham (161) Ossa  Silver
32nd  Jim Piasecki(200)  Husqvarna  Bronze
42nd  Ken Maahs(207)  Husqvarna  Bronze

350cc class:  27 riders
6th  Jack Penton(240)  Penton  Gold
12th  Ron Bohn(229)  Husqvarna  Silver
13th  Gary Snider(236)  Rokon  Silver
14th  Carl Berggren(225)  Lind-Qvarna  Bronze
15th  Jim Fogle(232)  Rokon  Bronze
17th  Ron LaMastus(223)  Rokon  Bronze
18th  Jim Simmons(244)  Rokon  Bronze

500cc class:  36 riders
10th  Ben Bower(248)  Husqvarna  Gold
11th  Jake Fischer(271)  Husqvarna  Gold
15th  Gary Surdyke(251)  Yamaha  Bronze
17th  Barry Higgins(260)  Kawasaki  Retired
18th  Lars Larsson(255)  Kawasaki  Retired
22nd  Mike Patrick(266)  Kawasaki  Retired
23rd  Eric Jensen(282)  Kawasaki  Retired
27th  Ron Bishop(274)  Kawasaki  Retired
34th  Don Stover(249)  Husqvarna  Retired

1300cc class:  18 riders
3rd  Ed Schmidt(284)  Husqvarna  Gold
7th  Dave Mungenast (299) Triumph 510  Silver
9th  Dave Eames(290)  Husqvarna  Silver
10th  John Greenrose(293)  Triumph  Silver
18th  Ken Harvey(287)  Triumph  Retired

World Trophy Teams:  12 teams
5th:  USA-Tom Penton, Jack Penton, Jeff Penton, Carl Cranke, Dane Leimbach,
Bill Uhl.

Silver Vase Teams:  25 teams
1st:  USA "A"-Dick Burleson, Malcolm Smith, Ed Schmidt, Ron Bohn
23rd:  USA "B"-Tom Clark, Don Stover, Lars Larsson, Jim Hollander

Manufacturers Teams:  50 teams
9th:  Husqvarna "A"-Malcolm Smith, Ron Bohn, Ed Schmidt
11th:  OSSA USA-Dave Latham, Charlie Vincent, Don Cutler
17th:  Penton "A"-Jack Penton, Jeff Penton, Doug Wilford
20th:  Rokon USA-Jim Simmons, Gary Snider, Jim Fogle
30th:  Penton "B"-Carl Cranke, Tom Penton, Jim Hollander
34th:  Triumph USA-Dave Mungenast, Ken Harvey, John Greenrose
46th:  Kawasaki USA-Eric Jensen, Ron Bishop, Mike Patrick

Club Teams:  24 teams
6th:  Amherst Meadowlarks-Jim Piasecki, Doug Wilford, Paul Danik
7th:  Greylock Riders-Jake Fischer, Dave Eames, Carl Berggren
10th:  Golden Gators-Ben Bower, Joe Barker, Barry Higgins
11th:  Twin City Competition Riders-Stellan Tingstrom, Jim Sparkes, Gary
19th:  Lansing Motorcycle Club-Les Grable, Ron LaMastus, Ken Maahs

Interesting side note:  In the official program of the 1973 ISDT, Bultaco
observed trials champion Lane Leavitt is listed on the Vase "B" team.  Lane
declined to ride the ISDT after Bultaco would not outfit him with a prototype
Frontera (as used by some of the Spanish factory riders) and instead wanted
to mount him aboard a Matador.  Lane argued that the Matador would not finish
the six days of riding.  He was also contesting the observed trials
championship in 1973 and after declining the Vase ride, went on to capture
the trials championship astride a Sherpa T.
Jim Hollander was drafted to fill Leavitt's spot on the Vase B team.

Canadian Riders    U.S. Riders
Canadian Teams

125cc Class
38th Eric Neilson(49)  Can-Am   Silver
40th Jeff Smith(61)  Can-Am  Bronze
41st Dan Amor(74)  Honda  Bronze (actually rode an XL175 Honda)
42nd Klaus Rung(105)  Zundapp  Bronze
56th Helmut Clasen(93)   Zundapp  DNF
58th Jim Fisher(39)   Zundapp  DNF
59th Dave Smith(77)   Zundapp  DNF
60th Derek Browne(83)   Zundapp  DNF
70th Ron Matthews(100)  Can-Am  DNF

175cc Class
11th Bob Fisher(121)  Can-Am   Gold
25th Hugh Lim(166)  Kawasaki  Silver
33th Bill Sharpless(155)  Can-Am  DNF

250cc Class
26th Murray Dochstader(182)  Kawasaki  Silver
41st Harold Perepalkin(188)   Bultaco  Bronze
59th Jim Fenwick(212)   Ossa  DNF
60th Larry Gillespie(203)   Ossa   DNF

500cc Class
13th Ron Keys(258)  Yamaha  Silver
29th Robin Teeling(267)   Yamaha  DNF
30th Roger Yakely(283)    Yamaha  DNF
35th George Buchar(275)    Jawa  DNF

Canadian Teams
World Trophy Teams:  12 teams
11th Canada - Bob Fisher, Keys, Jim Fisher, Clasen, Dave Smith, Jeff Smith

Silver Vase Teams:  25 teams
12th Canada "B" - Dochstader, Neilson, Sharpless, Fenwick
20th Canada "A" - Gillespie, Perepalkin, Amor, Buchar

Manufacturers Teams:  50 teams
36th Can-Am(Can) - Bob Fisher, Neilson, Matthews
44th Yamaha(Can) - Keys, Teeling, Yakely
49th Zundapp(Can) - Clasen, Dave Smith, Jim Fisher

Team Results”  Trophy - 11th.  Vase: (Canada B) 12th. and Canada A- 20th.
Supporters:  Jim Kelly, Team Manager and Co-ordinator , Larry Bastedo, Jury.(Too many others to list).