This page contains a list of motorcyle magazines that contain tests of various Rokon 340cc motorcycles. The list was provided by Robbie "Dale" Jackson of Motorcycle Memories. Dale has several of these publication in stock and for sale. You can contact him at:

Motorcycle Memories
6784 Camp John Rd.
Millington, TN 38053
Ph/Fax - 901-876-6883

If you know of any other articles e-mail me, I'll add it to the list. I have left the entire contents section intact so you will know what else is in the magazine in case you are thinking of buying one.

Record #: 13677

Contents: ROKON RT-340,

Record #: 13678

Contents: ROKON RT-340

Record #: 13679

Contents: ROKON RT- 340

Record #: 13747

Title: Cycle Illustrated Road Test Annual 1975 on Dirt Bikes
Contents:  Rokon 340RT

Record #: 13757

Title: Cycle World Buyer's Guide and Road Test Annual for 1976
Contents:  Rokon 340MX

Record #: 17253

Title: Motorcycles by Phil Schilling
Contents: Rokon RT340

Record #: 35228

Title: Rokon RT340 Owner's Manual

Contents: Rokon RT340 Owner's Manual, 74 pages.

Use of the ROKON RT340 Owner's Service Manual This manual is broken up into 8 Chapters as shown in the Table of Contents. The manual is intended for use by the owner-racer of an RT 340. Although the procedures for maintenance and overhaul are simplified and complete, it is recommended that you proceed with caution if you are not mechanically qualified. If you do not wish to or are unable to perform the maintenance operations, consult your ROKON dealer for assistance.

Record #: 14722

Title: Motorcyclist
Issue Date: 10/1/1973
Contents: Tests - Rokon RT340 - With automatic trans

Record #: 31804

Title: Cycle Illustrated
Issue Date: 5/1/1974
Contents: Dirt Tests - Rokon 340RT Automatic - The first full-production automatic transmission motorcycle for the woods but with or without the new drive system it's a helluva good motorcycle.,

On The Cover: The mighty Rokon can really grind up the competition and spit them out and all at a steady rpm thanks to the automatic drive system. Photo by Douglas W. Mellor.

Record #: 32169

Title: Dirt Cycle
Issue Date: 12/1/1974
Contents: Dirt Tests -  Rokon 340 Automatic - It's supposed to be the trail machine of the future

Record #: 14701

Title: Motorcyclist
Issue Date: 6/1/1975
Contents: Tests - Big-Bore Enduros -  Rokon 340RT

Record #: 15222

Title: Dirt Bike
Issue Date: 5/1/1976
Contents: Tests -  Rokon 340GP Cobra - Kitted Autocrosser,

Record #: 16329

Title: Cycle
Issue Date: 4/1/1973
Contents:  Rokon RT 340 TCR

This Month's Cover: Every year you hear about "revolutionary bikes" and yawn. The Rokon is different. It's a true revolutionary. 

Record #: 13764

Title: Cycle World Road Test Annual for 1974, 138 pages.
Issue Date: 1/1/1974
Contents:  Rokon RT340 Automatic TCR, 

Record #: 15839

Title: Cycle World
Issue Date: 10/1/1973
Contents: Rokon RT340 Automatic TCR - Disc Brakes mag wheels and a variable drive torque converter...not your everyday enduro machine

Record #: 15823

Title: Cycle World
Issue Date: 7/1/1975
Contents: Road Tests -  Rokon 340 Automatic/ Rapid yet smooth acceleration and classic handling make this an enduro machine that lets you concentrate on the terrain.,

Record #: 19023

Title: Cycle
Issue Date: 5/1/1976
Contents: Road Tests - Rokon RT340II - America's other manufacturer hanging in there., 

Record #: 15129

Title: Cycle Guide
Issue Date: 10/1/1974
Contents: Road Tests -  Rokon RT340TCR Automatic - Somebody forgot the clutch lever

Record #: 14781

Title: Motorcyclist
Issue Date: 4/1/1975
Contents: Tests -  Rokon 340 Moto- Crosser - a shiftless sliding off-road racer

Record #: 15962

Title: Cycle World
Issue Date: 11/1/1975
Contents: Road Tests - Rokon 340MXII - Assaulting the Open class automatically., 

Cover - Fernando Belair shot Rokon's 340MXII.